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Archive for January, 2017

Building a more secure financial future

Make the most of your investment opportunities To make the most of your investment opportunities, it’s your goals that count, so keep them firmly in mind when you make financial decisions. It’s important to take a consistent, long-term strategy to build a more secure financial future through steady purchases of well-diversified investments. 

Managing investment risk

Achieving your long-term financial goals whilst minimising risk One of the most effective ways to manage investment risk is to spread your money across a range of assets that, historically, have tended to perform differently in the same circumstances. This is called ‘diversification’ – reducing the risk of your portfolio by choosing a mix of […]

Generating income

Certain innate behavioural traits influence decision-making Nobody knows quite what the future holds. The good news is that advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles have led to an increase in the average life expectancy of both males and females. 

Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts

Saving flexibly for a first home and retirement Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts are being launched by the Government to help 18 to 40-year-olds to save and invest flexibly for the long term. The aim is that people will not have to choose between saving for their first home and retirement.

Wealth preservation

Inheritance Tax – no longer a tax that only the richest people in society have to face When you die, the Government assesses how much your estate is worth and then deducts your debts from this to obtain the value of your estate.

Planning for Inheritance Tax

Taking preventative action is essential With careful planning and professional financial advice, it is possible to take preventative action to either reduce your beneficiaries’ potential Inheritance Tax bill or mitigate it out altogether.